Anta also signed the NBA sporter after LiNing

Anta also started from NBA main sporter and signed Kevin Garnett, Luis Scola, and Bonchy Wells, but they had already left the NBA’s first-line when signing the contract. Thus, Wade made the big impact in the NBA because of he was the first NBA player to sign a contract with the Chinese shoe brand.
After Wade signed the contract, more and more NBA players began to contact the Chinese shoe brand. In October 2013, Anta officially announced the signing of Rajon Rondo, who was then the main defender of the Celtics.
In February 2015, Anta officially signed the contract with Klay Thompson who was the Golden State Warriors’ main shooting guard. Before signing the contract, Thompson consulted Rondo’s information about Chinese sneaker brands, and Rondo responded: ” just do it, they will pay great attention to you.”

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